Verse publishes chapbook-length (20-40 pages) portfolios in any genre or combination of genres--poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, criticism, interviews, journals/notebooks, images, etc.

Our recent print editions include novel excerpts by Alissa Nutting, Timothy Liu, and Allison Titus, prose by Georg Trakl, an interview with Eileen Myles, and poetry and hybrid work by Brian Teare, Jennifer Militello, Eric Pankey, Sandra Simonds, Natalie Eilbert, Srečko Kosovel, Karla Kelsey, and others.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but you must withdraw your entire submission if something in your submission is accepted elsewhere. If work is withdrawn from consideration, no substitutions will be allowed. Everything in the submission must be unpublished.

Sometimes we will offer to publish individual pieces on the VERSE site if we admire the work but do not accept the entire portfolio.

Verse pays $10/page, $250 minimum.


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$ 15.00

Volume 32, Numbers 1-3

14 portfolios by: Natalie Eilbert, Sandra Simonds, Timothy Liu, Eric Pankey, Karla Kelsey, Leonard Schwartz, Kate Colby, John High, Kathryn Cowles, Douglas Piccinnini, Laressa Dickey, B.J. Soloy, Aleah Sterman Goldin, Kevin Varrone