Verse publishes 10-15 portfolios in each issue. Portfolios can be in any genre or combination of genres--poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, criticism, interviews, images, etc.

Our recent print editions include novel excerpts by Alissa Nutting and Timothy Liu, prose by Georg Trakl, an interview with Eileen Myles, and poetry and hybrid work by James Tate, Lynn Melnick, Brian Teare, Natalie Eilbert, and others.

Verse also administers the Tomaž Šalamun Prize, a chapbook contest.

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Volume 33, Numbers 1-3

13 portfolios by James Tate, Lynn Melnick, Catherine Taylor, Felicia Zamora, E.C. Belli, Dan Ivec, Michelle Murphy, Keith Jones, Todd Melicker, Gabrielle Hovendon, Alex Stolis, Bradley Fest, and Beth Marzoni